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our journey to the abode of clouds

The Abode of Clouds..

It was raining through out the day...

Our trekking eleven consisted of following people. Naresh, Munishwar, myself, Kiran, Anuj, Vajeed, Dhawal, Amol, Pinkesh, Sachin and Angad (see pic). We were a team of determined trekkers set out to conquer the Kila of Peb, which was once used by Shivaji Maharaj as silos of grain storage. Like many other forts of Shivaji this one is also situated in the Sahyadri ( Western Ghats) mountain ranges along Mumabi-Pune road. Peb fort is located at a distance of 3-4 k.m on the west of Neral.

Trekking eleven.

We started our journey by catching the train to Karjat from Kanjur Marg by around 6.00 am.
It was raining quite heavily as it often does during monsoons in Mumbai. We got down at Neral station by around 7.30 a.m and had some refreshments from there. After buying enough food for the lunch and some films we set out for the mission by around 8.30.

One good thing to do in every trek is to go with the leading troop. You will get lots of time to rest at a stop over as the other members of the team come to the resting place. But 2 kg bisleri water and the food for all of us was pulling me the otherway. During all this time it was raining every now and then. But it made our trekking more interesting. "Tougher the better" is the mantra applicable to all trekking. We could find two guides who lead our way. It was slipping here and there. But the valleys, so green and beautiful in the monsoon was a sight to behold. With some difficulty we reached the toughest part of the climb after which there is a small plateau, from where we would get a good look at the beautiful valleys down. By the time we climbed over it the rain started to come down heavily. The entire area below was filled with mist all of a sudden, and we could see nothing but mist. But as soon as the rain stopped the mist began to lift over our heads, to the other side, giving us a cool sensation, and we realised that we were inside a cloud..

After a bit of further climbing we reached the tomb of a great saint "Swami Samarth" whose disciples occupy and maintain the caves in the fort. Near to this we saw a cavern in to which one has to crawl down to enter. We tried to enter but it was pretty dark inside and we didn't have a torches with us. From there we set out for the penultimate climb of the trek. There was ladder which was put up by the 'disciples' to help the climbers. With out it the climb would be impossible.

We reached a temple at the top by around 12.00.
There was a sadhoo living there who made spicy black tea for all of us. The deity was Dattaguru and the man over there introduced himself as the disciple of Swami Sakha Sumanth Saraswathy. He wore a single piece of cloth and that too in a typical fashion.We all had our lunch from there that we had packed earlier which tasted fantastic.

With our stomachs filled, faces lit we set out to conquer the summit of the mountain, which was pretty close to this temple. At the top most pont there was a sclupture of the footsteps of Dattaguru established by Swami Sumanth Saraswathy. On reaching here one feels at the top of the world.. At distance we could see a train whistling pass Neral station like small boxes moving. Facing east, to the right of us, was the panoramic peak dressed up in thick white clouds

Top of the world

On our return journey it began to pour down heavily again making it all the more difficult. We decided to go to a waterfall near the village "Anand Wadi" as there was plenty of time left. Every one had a bath sitting below the waterfall. One could stand directly beneath the falls and thumping water gave soothing massage to our tired mussles. Thoroughly satisfied we set out for our journey back walking through the fileds, streams and villages...There were umpteen frogs in the fields (pure yellow in colour) echoing the arrival of the rain.. I felt as if we were in a magical land.

On seeing those tiny houses one wish for the warmth and comfort of a shelter, a home. Yes it was tiring..enduring the rains for a full day, slipping at times, our shoes swamping in the loose soils occasionally.. It was a " one on one" encounter with the nature. We were the only trekkers on that particular day, a trek to the fort of Peb where clouds reside...

In the end, I want to read out these words written on the tomb of Swami Samarth-----
"Hum gaya nahi hum zindaa hai".....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

kewl maan..
micros conquering macros :)
nice fotos also..


1:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey nicely described.....i felt as if i m pics also. u write nice blogs.

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey nicely described.....i felt as if i m pics also. u write nice blogs

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey nicely described.....i felt as if i m pics also. u write nice blogs

3:23 PM  
Blogger main_sachchu_nadan said...

Hey cool description man,almost everythin covered. All the photos placed suitably made it look more beautiful. We'll refer ur blog to our junis when they will go for Peb trek.
But a few mistakes i would point out with pure heart of mine ;)
*Swami Sumanth Saraswaty - It was Swami Sakha.

*At the top,tht footsteps were not of Swami Sakha,rather they were of Dattaguru esblished by Swami Sakha.

*Anandwadi not "Angan Wadi"

4:31 PM  
Anonymous mathews said...

@ sachin

thank u very much for pointing out the mistakes.I have made the corrections u suggested..:)

hmm.. name of the sakha is actually
Sakha Sumanth Saraswathy and that name is written near the sclupture...

once again my thanks..

3:23 AM  
Blogger ജേക്കബ്‌ said...

Nice blog...

4:59 PM  
Blogger aN said...

hey nice post dude ! keep the blog updated with your future expeditions :)

12:07 AM  
Anonymous mathews said...

thank u very much dude! ..but i am afraid i can not. i am unable to find my blog when i log in. may be i have to start a new one. :(

5:15 PM  
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